Drop Of Light

She’s a blur, came in blinding, peaking through the shades, she came through the window riding on the sun. Everything and everyone wanted to soak her up. Green tea with a splash of hope in her cup. Broken like the life lines along the palms of your hands, scars of your past to predict your future. She manages best she can. She came riding in on a golden ray of new beginning. Everybody feels the radiation of her beauty. But she is broken and mirrors only reflect, so when she saw herself she didn’t know what to expect. She is a drop of light but her cracks fray her sight. Every soul can see her except herself. She is marvelous. But it’s not something she’s felt.

Internal Bleeding

Covered in bruises
Tears can’t heal what’s internal
Your red love
Swells blue
Pools of poison
You never see a fall coming
Busted lips can’t kiss so sweetly
While salty blood continues leaking
You can always cry
But it won’t heal what’s inside
My thighs show signs
That I’ve been wounded
Along- a matching heart
Covered in bruises

Fake Plastic Girl In Her Natural World

She didn’t need the cameras to be aimed, her whole life was staged. The most natural thing about her was the makeup on her face. She never smoked a cigarette in public, breathing alone already burned her enough. Her emotions were black and white like an I Love Lucy rerun. She never asked to be plastic, it was a setup. She never learned to swim, she was taught she walked on water. She would never fall in love, everybody wanted her. But nobody truly loved her. Nobody really loved her. It was all in vain but she smiled and waved all the same. Cause that’s what you do in a play production.

The Line I Love You

She’d sit there sleepless at twelve,
Just thinkin to herself,
What I wouldn’t give,
Just to feel his skin,
To feel his heartbeat in sync.. (with mine.)
She’d imagine time to time,
They were lying side by side,
She broke her own heart every night,
Cause he would never know-
Cause she would never show,
She swore their heartbeats were so in sync.
And she would whisper this one line,
Convince herself he said it at the very same time,
Cause that’s the closest she’d ever come to here him say…
I love the way you lie,
Thinkin of me at night,
I swear I do the same.
And when my heart skips a beat,
I just can’t help but think,
I swear our heartbeats…
Are so in sync…