Just Playing With Some Rhymes

Bare dirty feet
Another step to meet
Grass between toes
The wind blows to expose
Beneath her skirt that flows
Legs slender, smooth, long
She prances to nature’s song
And the birds sing along
Grasses and weeds
And drying pond reeds
Flowers and trees
All chip in a tune
She loves and loves and loves
While thinking of you
Harmony, sweet harmony
Carried through the blue
The soft clouds pour warm rain
To play as well too
And she never ceases loving
In memory of you


Beady eyes, steel kisses,
No sir, yes misses,
Lost desire, burning wishes,
Crushed ribs, matching dreams,
Salty water streams.
Icy stares, no stray hairs,
The drops of blood gleam.
Busted bones, sobs and groans,
So alone, what is home,
World unknown, overgrown,
It’s all just as it seems.
Broken nails, all else failed,
Schizophrenic screams.
Old wives’ tales, heart impaled,
Did you ever go missing me?


Our faces became fragmentations of our imaginations
And we got lost in the dusk but wasn’t the sunset wonderful
I couldn’t see you and you couldn’t see me but weren’t the sensations incredible
Our bodies mingled with the unknown but in that moment we owned it all
When the day reached nightfall darling I fell so hard
I fell so hard for you
When dawn rose, I still had the same view
Only this time I could look into the eyes of the one I desired
Oh but doesn’t your love take me higher
My mind is so clear, clearer than ever before and I’m sure that you’re the one I adore more than any other
You’re the one I’ll run to for cover
I’ll smother you in hugs and kisses
Because none other has listened to my wishes
Or let alone been the answer to my prayers. You’ve given me faith- faith that I don’t know but wherever I’m headed be the hand that I hold
We’ll be free while everybody else is sold
Be by my side when we grow old
Our faces became fragmentations of our imaginations
And we got lost in the dusk but wasn’t the sunset wonderful

Swift and Heavy

Swift and heavy, the rain poured down
You kissed my neck, without a sound
And then doubtless I whispered, while we were so close,
I said I love you… you said almost.
But I couldn’t hear you, I was lost
In the moment, I was gone
The water rushing was all I could feel
Overwhelming, but oh so real
And I lived in your arms that night
I lived in your arms that night
I lived in your arms that night
(And no regrets fell)
Only rain, only droplets
You kissed my soul
I nearly lost it
But that’s how the good die young
When you fall too soon for someone
(And then you’ve lost it)

Fading Photograph

In an old fading photograph, I saw a smile that used to be mine, unscarred arms, and an innocence so full of life. I saw a little girl looking right at me, and on the back was written my name, but I can’t remember the last time the girl in the picture and I were the same. She had rosy red cheeks and a tummy full of sweets, now I just have smoke in my lungs and swears on my tongue. When did I stop being so young? I’m a slowly burning flame instead of playing games. I’ve broken her down. I’ve taken her dreams and turned them around. She was so beautiful. She wanted love but all she’s gotten is lonely. It’s too late for any kind of if only. I want to hold her and tell her she’ll be okay but when I look into the mirror I have nothing to say. That poor little child was the best of me, but now she’s just a little memory.