Comforting Components

Dearest velvet boy, won’t you hold me closer
Keep me warm
Rich, satin limbs wrap me in when it gets colder
I want to know every fiber of your skin, of your existence

Ole’ southern, cotton eyes ever soft and respectful
Draw me through a cotton mill, refine me, make me better
Cashmere cloth for a tongue to speak words unforgettable
Surround me with your corduroy language getting me all tangled

Silky, gentle heart of yours,
Won’t you let me in?
I can’t seem to find myself a home
which would be a better fit

The Day The Earth Stood Still

And that’s when the earth said,”My work here is done. I have no need to rotate for light will shine where the heart is happy and happiness has indeed been set in the four corners of the world by these two.” And from then on light was infinite in the eyes of everyone, including the blind man. And love was in the hearts of everybody, including the ignorant. And life filled every soul, including the suicidal. And dearest I had you.

If Only

Lonely, lonely
Darling if only
You could save me,
You could hold me.
Lonely, lonely
You couldn’t hold me,
Your finger pulled the trigger.

You missed my heart
Struck my lungs
Now I’m drowning
Choking on love
That never belonged
Where it was
Lonely, lonely
Oh, if only

Black as the Ink, White as the Paper

She was black as the ink and white as the paper, she was heavy as a stone, a little back breaker, she was a lost love letter, your next door neighbor, light as a feather, a life line player, she hated herself but all in good nature, she cursed like a sailor with the figure of a skater, she was a cold blooded racer, a major dream chaser- just as black as the ink and white as the paper…

Shattered and Shining

Resting on a bed of shattered and shinning glass, best dreams I ever had, never lived, just tattered rags of could haves. A single green light, representing hope in his sight, but hope doesn’t save us, he died in spite- of it all he lost his life in the pool of shattered and shining broken dreams to lie upon at night, it doesn’t make our wrongs alright fairing against a man with more faults, a sinking ship, our own, we go under the cold, frigid water, it’s getting hotter from our blood but we still freeze, like the I love you on a shelf, we’re just gone, and gone to hell, swimming in the shallows of our sin, arctic wilderness within, the heart of your nature, good behavior might allow you to meet your maker, the creator, your savior, it’s been a pleasure to play your game but I’m not aiming to please, I just want to get out and still be happily me, I’m always writing about the same themes, somebody once told me, I live life like an old story, I never want it to end and I keep everybody guessing, it’s funny because I write this as I’m resting on this bed, of shattered and shining glass, the best dreams I ever had, I’ll never live, they’ll always be tattered rags of could haves and that’s just it.

Pond of Relief

Underneath the pond of ultimate relief
You could see her but couldn’t save her
She took one last breath to say goodbye
But they all thought it was a lie
Now there she lied motionless
Breathless, flawless, precious
Her arms were across her chest
Holding flowers which would soon die
They wanted to see her go down with life
They never knew she’d been dying for such a long time
All they saw was a bloody knife
Everyone was too late to give a damn
They say rest in peace while believing she’s headed to hell
Hypocritical until the day each one dies them-self
She knew she’d mess with their faith
She was ready to figure her own…
Death was the only truth known
And that alone was the final trigger to kill her

Falling Stars

Skinny heart, tough unloving
Beaten, busted, broken, cunning
Destruction builds the best weapons
Something comes from nothing
Window sill sitting
What if I went “missing”
The stars would be the only to know
I jumped instead of fallen
Stars fall for us sometimes
Just to hear our wishes
Darling I fell for you
Oh, I promise to always listen